Prep for a safe road trip

Prep for a safe road trip

Before heading off on school holidays, give your car a safety once-over.

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road side assistance

Do you know where toll money goes?

Each time you pay a toll for using the go via network, you’re making the road safer for you and your loved ones.

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Tried Legacy Way yet?

Travel from the Western Freeway to the ICB in just 4 minutes.
Private cars can try it for just $3, for a limited time.

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About the go via network

The go via network is a 70km integrated toll road network comprising: Gateway Motorway (including the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges), Logan Motorway, Clem7, Go Between Bridge and Legacy Way.

Travel time savings, travel time certainty, real-time traffic updates, and 24/7 traffic monitoring and incident response are just a few of the many benefits the go via network offers motorists.

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