The go via network offers motorists a range of benefits including: travel time savings, reliability and real-time traffic updates, giving motorists greater travel time certainty.

Travel time reliability

Arrive on time with greater travel time reliability.

The go via network is an integrated road network which allows motorists to bypass Brisbane’s CBD and reach a number of key destinations without the inevitable stop-start of traffic congestion.


With state-of-the-art Intelligent Transport Systems and 24/7 traffic monitoring and roadside assistance the go via network has significantly lower rates of incident and injury when compared to the broader public road network.

Find out more about safety on our network.

Real time traffic updates

The go via network provides real-time traffic information through our roadside Variable Message Signs.

We also work closely with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to ensure up-to-date information is available to motorists through the 131940 Traffic and Travel Information website.

Real-time traffic updates, including major incidents, events and planned road works on the Gateway and Logan Motorways are available through Twitter.

Reduced operating costs

Reduced fuel, labour and motoring costs are one of the benefits of the go via network. Keep customers satisfied with reliable delivery times and fit more jobs into your day by using the go via network as a preferred driving route.

Improved connections

Cruise from outside Ipswich to the Airport precinct without any traffic lights, or drive directly from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast bypassing Brisbane.

Using the go via network helps you reach your destination sooner by avoiding Brisbane’s CBD and congestion on major roads.