Road safety is a priority on the go via network.

Our network has significantly lower rates of incident and injury when compared to the broader public road network. This is because:

  • Our network is monitored 24/7 by closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) and automatic incident detection systems. These systems notify Traffic Control Centre (TCC) staff if there is disruption to traffic.
  • When incidents do occur, TCC staff dispatch roadside response vehicles and coordinate with emergency services if needed.
  • We have ongoing maintenance programs in place across the entire network.

Network upgrades

We are committed to maintaining the high quality of the go via network. We are currently delivering a number of projects across our network which will improve road safety and efficiency.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent transport systems such as CCTV cameras, variable message signs and vehicle counters are in place across our network. These systems enable us to quickly inform motorists of changed conditions and to respond swiftly to incidents.

Tunnel safety

The Clem7, Legacy Way and AirportlinkM7 are three of Australia’s safest tunnels. This is because the tunnels feature a range of world class safety systems.

Find out more about the safety features of the Clem7, Legacy Way and AirportlinkM7 tunnels.

A commitment to road safety

As part of our road safety commitment, in 2013 we launched a road safety awareness campaign called Drive Safe. The campaign shares critical road safety knowledge and promotes safe road practices among motorists and staff.

Find out more about Drive Safe.