AirportlinkM7 is a 6.7km toll tunnel that connects the Clem7 and  Legacy Way tunnels (via the Inner City Bypass) to the Brisbane Airport and Australia TradeCoast precinct. The tunnel also connects to the northern arterials of Gympie and Stafford Roads.

When you go via AirportlinkM7 you will avoid up to 14 sets of traffic lights and reduce travel time by up to 88%.

AirportlinkM7 has the most up to date traffic technology in Australia. This is used at each entrance at Bowen Hills, Kedron and Toombul where you will see a ‘real time’ travel sign showing the exact number of minutes it will take you to drive through the tunnel.

go via AirportlinkM7

go via AirportlinkM7

The rights to toll, operate and maintain the AirportlinkM7 Tunnel were acquired in April 2016.

View the go via network map.

Tunnel safety

The tunnel features state of the art safety with more than 500 cameras to automatically detect any variations in normal traffic flow. It is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by traffic management staff.

Read more about the tunnel safety features.

We also monitor the internal and external air quality of the tunnel.  Air quality monitors in and outside the tunnel constantly measure the presence of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrous oxide (NO*), fine particles and visibility levels.

View live air quality monitoring results.